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Acacia Outdoor Furniture In Vietnam

MINH HƯNG FURNITURE – MHF specializes in high quality wood furniture with a wide range of outdoor – indoor furniture and accessories.

Our Vision is to be “One of the most reliable and best suppliers of furniture in Vietnam”

Our Mission is to be “Your factory in Vietnam making products for your best benefits”

Our Values:

  • Quality driven: each member in the factory is an individual QC for the parts they are making. Only high quality parts are accepted to make best quality final products.
  • Your factory: providing us your ideal products, we would make them at most affordable prices for you.
  • Best services: we care about you and your needs. Our dynamic and active sales team is always available to listen and serve your inquiries and solve any problems occurred.
  • Maintain consistency and improvement: we have QC team to make sure the quality consistent, besides that our team always looks for best solutions to make better products.
  • Move with the world: our collections are updated all the time, keeping up with the world’s trends constantly.
  • Ethical at all stages: our materials are only from legally harvested plantation.


INNOVATIVE BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY THINH PHU FURNITURE aim at continuous company's development, through innovation and embracing customer's demands.

TRENDY DESIGNS We alway update newest trends of outdoor furniture around the world. We have collections with beautiful design for you to choose. And we also produce the products that you design.

PROFESSIONAL FACTORY We apply a professional process, from contract signing untill delivery of products. We produce a variety of product selections. Our factory locate in an area of over 17.000 square meters. We has professional team, experienced workers and modern machines. Our factory is a closed area where we perform all processes from timber to the final product loading. Therefore, we ensure the highest quality of the final products.

TRUSTWORTHY We are a reliable partner. We always create best solutions according to our clients' needs, help clients WIN market share.

COMPETITIVE PRICING Since we have a lot of competitive advantages that allow cost-savings, we supply products at the best price. Sometimes our price is not the lowest, but we always make sure it is the right price.

PREMIUM QUALITY Our QC team ensure the highest standards of quality control. Products that we make are strictly checked at each stage.

EXCELLENT SERVICES - PERFECT BUSINESS PARTNER We offer various services of manufacturing contracts, including OEM and Private Buyer Label. Our professional sale team is very responsive, we will reply your email within 24 hours. We will make your buying experience enjoyable, quick and easy. We could offer professional photos with clear base for your catalogue as well.


When you’re looking for outdoor furniture that looks totally fabulous without being fabulously expensive, acacia wood may be your new best friend. But don’t go sprinting for your credit card just yet—it’s important to learn more about acacia wood furniture care and features before you take the plunge. Here’s the full scoop on the pros and cons of acacia wood outdoor furniture.

Benefits of Acacia Wood

So what’s so great about acacia wood furniture? Here are some of its best features:

1. Affordable

Compared to teak and other popular wood used for outdoor furniture, acacia is really affordable. And when you’re getting a high-end look for a fraction of the price, you can splurge on decking out the rest of the space to make it the ultimate retreat after a long day. 

2. Durable

Acacia wood can survive anything! Well, not quite anything, but it’ll definitely hold up to the roughing up that happens from everyday wear, including scratches, bumps, and water exposure. So how long does acacia wood last outdoors? Most furniture sets can last for at least a few decades of use. You can’t beat that when it comes to a return on your investment.

3. Sustainable

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword these days. You’ll be protecting the earth when you choose this sustainable wood for your outdoor furniture. Acacia trees can grow in almost any conditions in every market in the world, and each part of the tree is put to good use.

4. Variable

We get it, you want your patio to reflect your individualism and unique sense of style. Well, good news—acacia wood gets you too. You can choose from tons of different styles of acacia wood, because its grain pattern changes depending on where the trees are grown.

Acacia Wood Maintenance

With all of its benefits, you’re probably pretty sold on acacia wood, right? Here are some of the maintenance tips you should know before you buy:

1. Clean Regularly

Want to keep your acacia wood looking pristine? Then you’ll need to be diligent about wiping down your patio furniture regularly to get rid of dust. You should also be careful to avoid spilling liquids like alcohol or perfume on the wood, since they can pull moisture out of it and make it crack.

2. Keep Your Furniture Away From Heat

Don’t even think about putting your pretty acacia furniture near a fireplace, heating vent, barbeque, or other heat source. Acacia wood is highly sensitive to heat, warping even when placed in direct sunlight for too long.

3. Oil Your Furniture to Maintain the Color

If you love the color of your acacia furniture when you first buy it, you may want to rotate your furniture and oil it regularly; otherwise, it will eventually turn gray. This doesn’t affect the integrity of the furniture, but it will change the look.

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